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by Jawaan Burge (2014)

by Jawaan Burge (2014)

All proceeds from the online store are donated to the Free Marissa Alexander Legal Defense Fund. To date, we have raised over $9000 through the store.

We invite everyone to shop at the online store to help support Marissa’s Legal Defense. In addition, we are accepting donations of art and one of a kind handmade crafts. Contact Mariame at if you want to contribute item(s) to the store.

This means of raising funds is CRITICAL because:

1. Marissa’s excellent legal team is working pro bono, which is wonderful. However, Marissa faces over $250,000 in legal expenses, such as court fees, securing expert witnesses, travel costs, depositions, processing evidence, etc. Marissa’s supporters can mobilize to raise funds that will ensure that she has resources for the trial, increasing her chances of securing her freedom.

2. Our continued organizing will make sure that Marissa’s name is not forgotten and that our commitment to her freedom remains active. It also creates opportunities for us to continue to raise awareness about domestic violence and mass incarceration.


This online store is accountable to Marissa Alexander and her family. All proceeds from this fundraiser go to the Marissa Alexander Legal Defense Fund which is administered by Marissa’s family on her behalf. You can also bypass the store and simply make a contribution directly to the Legal Defense Fund here.


If you want to send a donation via check without making a purchase, please make the check out to:

Global Alliance, Inc.
For: The Marissa Alexander Legal Defense Fund

Mail to:

Global Alliance, Inc.
P.O. Box 290956
Columbia, SC 29229