Poem for Marissa (Marcia)

Marcia Iza is a survivor of domestic violence and abuse.  The violence Marcia experienced connects to the kind of structural violence that further brutalizes women as they attempt to defend themselves and escape.  When Marcia finally got away from her husband, who frequently called the police himself after beating her claiming himself as the victim, he attempted to have her deported and separated from their baby girl, Elizabeth.  In the process of fighting her deportation, Marcia’s husband stopped making payments on the home in which Marcia and Elizabeth resided.  He refused to put her name on the mortgage so the bank would not recognize her.  As a result, Marcia now faces eviction as the eviction has been filed.

While speaking to CAFMA member Holly Krig, Marcia introspectively inquired, “When did I become invisible? Why is the back choosing to be a collaborator in my abuse?”
Marcia submits this reading of “Flare” by Nikky Finney in solidarity with Marissa, but also in an effort to draw those connections between domestic and other kinds of structural violence that disproportionately harm mothers of color, (e.g. eviction) identifying the bank as being complicit in domestic violence by perpetuating the violence similar to prisons.



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