No Selves to Defend: Poetry about Criminalization and Violence Against Women

image-01These poems were curated by Mariame Kaba, co-organizer of the Chicago Alliance to Free Marissa Alexander (CAFMA).  Mariame is the editor of the anthology titled “No Selves to Defend: A Legacy of Criminalizing Women of Color for Self-Defense.” The anthology was created to raise funds for Marissa Alexander’s legal defense and to raise awareness about the historical context of her case. The anthology has sold out.  Some of these poems appeared in that publication.

This zine shares poetry written from the early 1970s to the present about violence against women as well as women’s resistance to that violence.  Some of the poems will be familiar and others less so. They are written by well-known poets as well as women criminalized for defending themselves against violence. All proceeds from the sale of this publication will be donated to Marissa’s legal defense fund.

This publication was designed by Christina Gleason and lettering was done by Lindsay Eyth.

The Chicago Alliance to Free Marissa Alexander would like to thank all of our members for their hard work and dedication to supporting Marissa. We are grateful to all of the supporters who continue to donate their money and time. We thank Christina and Lindsay for the generous donation of their time to design this publication.

Zines are available for purchase at the Free Marissa online store for $6 plus shipping and handling. Get your copy today!

Until Marissa is free!

Below is a list of the poems included in this publication.




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