Keeping Marissa In Mind This October

marissadvawm October is around the corner and we in Chicago will be “Keeping Marissa in Mind.” October is domestic violence awareness month and a month of resistance against mass incarceration.  As the Free Marissa NOW mobilization campaign has written: “Marissa Alexander’s case shows us how these issues are connected.” Learn more about the connections by downloading this brochure (PDF) and sharing it far and wide.

We in Chicago will continue the work that we have been doing to raise awareness about Marissa’s case and to raise funds for her legal defense throughout October. We hope that you will join us:

1. Attend one of our events this month. The list is consistently updated as events are confirmed.

2. Throughout the month of October, we will be accepting and posting videos of Marissa’s supporters reading Nikky Finney’s incredible poem Flare. Email us with your video link at We are accepting submissions throughout the month.

3. Make a donation to Marissa’s legal defense fund.

4. Purchase something from our Free Marissa Online Store. All proceeds support Marissa’s legal defense. There will be several new items including a poetry zine, posters and t-shirts available in October!

The Free Marissa Now mobilization campaign has more suggestions of actions you can take to support Marissa leading up to her December 8th re-trial.


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