Poem: Dearest Marissa Alexander

Dearest Marissa Alexander,

There is nothing like that first kick
The first fight
A mama knows
She will do anything for her children

A good mama will defend,
Kick back,
Protect by any means necessary.

There is a line we know
A ‘linea nigra’
We all get it in the center of our skin
As we swell up
A universal sign
No matter what color or race we are
We are literally changed and defined by our children
At our core
Don’t mess with mama
Don’t cross our lines

I have not even given birth
Yet this I know for sure
I am a strong believer in nonviolence but
I will kill to protect my child
Not even his father has the right to our bodies

This is more than cultural
It is physical
My body is built to protect—my baby and me
Coats of mucus
Fierceness built up over ten months to love this little being

Let anyone dare come near us
Violate our bodies in any way
The self-protection instinct kicks in with a vengeance

Marissa, I am sorry for what that bastard did to you
He may have been your husband but he is an asshole
Sometimes we may love
Get fucked over
By fucked up
Hurt people who continue
The cycle of hurt
Your husband hurt
So he hurt you
While pregnant
This is unacceptable

Marissa, you had every right to shoot back
Shoot and be heard, be seen, be recognized–
Shoot and stand ground
It is the definition of self-defense.
Saying NO in body and in action
No more
Not with my baby
Not with my body
Not today

Pregnancy is one of the most difficult and vulnerable times in our lives,
When we are still forming
New bodies
New ideas
New worlds
It is when we live in the service of another being trapped inside of us
We are a mix of hormones and pain

There is no greater evil than
Inflicting more pain on those most defenseless
A child so small
A woman so scared & sacred
As to let her womb be home to another

It is wrong to hurt a body still in the process of becoming
And yet it continued far too long,
Long after you issued a warning,
Got police protection from him,
He still tried one more time
With the wrong woman

A warning shot is
The epitome of
Sanity in an insane world
My mama and I would have done the same.

This is what I/ we stand for
Our ground
As women
As mamas
As humans protecting
Defending ourselves against more abuse
Enough is enough and no means no
Some people do not listen to the voice alone
Sometimes it takes the trigger
To deliver the message loud and clear–
We will not be fucked with again!


by Sage Morgan-Hubbard

Sage is a Chicago-based artist, poet, activist and supporter of Marissa Alexander.

#selfiesforselfdefense taken at Community Gathering and Pre-Trial Rally for Marissa Alexander organized by CAFMA on 7/26/14 in Chicago (photo by Nicole Harrison)

Sage Morgan-Hubbard, #selfiesforselfdefense taken at Community Gathering and Pre-Trial Rally for Marissa Alexander organized by CAFMA on 7/26/14 in Chicago (photo by Nicole Harrison)


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