Meet CAFMA Member, Mariame Kaba!

Mariame HATES photos so this is her behind a great sign that describes her... (photo by Sarah Jane Rhee)

Mariame HATES photos so this is her behind a great sign that describes her… (photo by Sarah Jane Rhee)

1. How would you describe yourself to a stranger?

I am a prison abolitionist, a lover of justice, and a rabble-rouser.

2. How did you become interested in Marissa’s case?

I first heard about Marissa’s case in early 2011. I followed it sporadically and was incensed when she was convicted. I wasn’t able to devote any time or effort into supporting her freedom because I was buried with other work. In late 2012, I became frustrated that there were no organized support efforts for Marissa’s defense in Chicago. However, I was still not in a position to do more than make a financial contribution to her legal defense fund. I took the opportunity during her birthday month in September 2013 to organize a teach-in about Marissa’s case here in Chicago. Out of that teach-in emerged the Chicago Alliance to Free Marissa Alexander co-organized by myself, Ayanna Banks-Harris, and many others.

3. If you could share a message with Marissa, what would you say?

I would say to Marissa: What happened to you is an injustice that has happened and will continue to happen to more women if we do not mobilize to say with one voice that we have the right to defend our lives. Also, we are all praying and working to ensure that you are exonerated and can reclaim your life. Peace to you.


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