Meet CAFMA Member, Jennifer Reft!

jennifer 1. How would you describe yourself to a stranger?

I would describe myself as an educator, a physical therapist-my occupations that heavily influence my personality and my view of the world, a mom. and an activist-which are a part of my being. Often I feel I am more of an activist in my heart then my actions but I am always trying to do better.

2. How did you become interested in Marissa’s case?

I became interested in Marissa’s case when I heard it, via twitter the night that the Trayvon Martin verdict was released. I was glued to twitter that evening, surprised the verdict was released on the Saturday night and taking in all the reactions. I was not shocked by the verdict, but like most people I was upset, but I was shocked by the Alexander story.Shocked not ust the story itself but the fact I had not heard about it until that night.

3. If you could share a message with Marissa, what would you say?

I actually wrote a letter to Marissa and posted it on my Tumblr but basically it boils down to this-as a mother I feel for you. Nothing can make up for all that has past but I am dreaming of you being free, recovering your life, and moving forward. There is so much love and support for you out here!