Jury Tampering?

Claiming a necessity to correct inaccuracies swirling Marissa Alexander’s case, State Prosecutor Angela Corey emailed a document to Florida lawmakers detailing Corey’s account of the encounter between Rico Gray and Marissa Alexander that resulted in Marissa discharging a gun in defense. Entitled The Truth About the Alexander Case, the document also includes links to the State Attorney Office’s Tumblr page revealing pictures of Rico and Marissa and alleges previously unreleased statements.

Outrage sparked as many deem emailing such a document nothing more than jury tampering – presenting evidence and argument about a case outside the court.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid was among the first to report the release of this document. Included in her survey of Corey’s actions, Reid interviewed Corey’s predecessor Harry Shorstein who not only discussed the ethicality of releasing such a document but also the circumstances that led to him firing Corey in 2006.

Segment 1:
The Reid Report – Angela Corey Details Alexander Case In Email

Segment 2:


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